SMTP Settings for GWA Autoresponder Pro Plugin.

Configuration of SMTP for GWA Autoresponder Pro.

  1. Find your SMTP Host email client documentation, this is the same information you will use for your plugin configuration. Make sure you are aware of your mail host’s hourly/daily relay limits. Here is an example.

    Do not use your Broadband ISP or your Gmail SMTP relay account as they do not allow list relaying and will likely get you in trouble with your service provider.

  2. Check your documentation for the proper PROTOCOL (none/tls/ssl) to use and select it.

  3. Enter the SMTP DOMAIN address for your account relay, often like:

  4. Check your documentation for the correct PORT to use for your connection. Some hosts use a custom smtp port setting or multiple possibilities may exist for your server. If the settings work in your email client they will work in the plug-in. Secure (ssl) connections are preferred.

    NOTE: Common combinations for port & protocol include the following:

  • Protocol: none / Port: 25

  • Protocol: ssl / Port: 465

  1. Usually your username is your email address and your password is the account password.

    NOTE: Some hosts require a ‘+’ be substituted in the username for the ‘@’ in the email address when using to connect by SMTP.

  2. With all the correct settings you should be able to make a test connection when you click to activate SMTP in the plug-in. You will receive a test message sent through your SMTP relay at your blog admin email address when the test checkbox is tick’d.

Trouble-shooting SMTP connections for GWA Autoresponder Pro.

  1. Use the Status Response provided in the Wordpress Admin at the top of the page to trouble-shoot connection problems. There are two possible errors you will receive and they mean problems are being encountered at different points in the process of connecting and authenticating through your SMTP relay account.
  2. If you receive a connection error then you have a protocol/domain/port problem.
  3. If you receive an authentication error then you are not using correct username/password.

The best way to be sure is to use an smtp login you have confirmed works in your email client first. Often your email client (Thunderbird) can determine the correct settings to use for you.  Many smartphones do this as well so try setting up the smtp email account in your phone if this is the case.

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