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  • May 2012
  • 7

New [GWA] Free Plugin now ARGWA Free Autoresponder

We’ve completely updated the [GWA] Free Autoresponder (and the Professional Newsletter Manager) to be fully compatible with Wordpress v3.3+ and...

  • Feb 2012
  • 12

SMTP Settings for GWA Autoresponder Pro Plugin.

Configuration of SMTP for GWA Autoresponder Pro. Find your SMTP Host email client documentation, this is the same information you will...

  • Apr 2011
  • 18

eCommerce Sales Page Plugin

A Paypal SalesPage & IPN Payment Processor. We’ve just released an update to our famous fr/ee SalesPage Plugin which allows you to...

  • Oct 2010
  • 8

New Reseller SalesPage Plugin

NEW [GWA] PLUGIN'S RELEASED: Reseller SalesPage Plugin for WordPress; integrated reseller product plugins for your weblog.

  • Mar 2010
  • 9

New Pro v4.0 Upgrade released.

The latest version of the Pro version offers a lot of new capabilities to an already very powerful mail...

  • Jul 2009
  • 29

Autoresponder Free Anniversary

This is our Free Autoresponder plugin first anniversary and we are really proud of the progress seen in such a...

  • Mar 2009
  • 28

Wordpress Database Editor

Our new Database Editor Plugin for Wordpress will provide direct and unrestricted access to update your entire database and is...

  • Feb 2009
  • 25

New Pro Autoresponder Features

Many new features have been added to the Professional Version of my autoresponder for Wordpress plugin. The following have been...

  • Nov 2008
  • 25

New Telnic .tel Display Manager

The new .tel registry service launches December 3rd with their Sunrise registration phase and will be publicly available on February...

  • Nov 2008
  • 4

Autoresponder Tutorial Video

Checkout the new video tutorial for the wordpress autoresponder. More video is under production!

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